Chef Michal Škrabák

I’m a native of the Záhorie region (Sekule). It’s a wonderful part of Slovakia which has historically benefitted from the cultural and gastronomic “waves” of Central Europe.

After school I began to work in the family hotel near my home. It was an important phase in my life; it tested me and confirmed my life ambition. In fact, I realized that I enjoy working as a cook and that it gives me space for creativity.

Not only do I want to stay in this field no matter what, I also want to be very good. As a result, I need to enhance my professional reputation and gain experience. This requires lots of effort.

So, I took advantage of every opportunity that came my way. The most valuable chance came at the Messina Restaurant of Marrol´s Hotel, where I worked my way up to the position of chef. I am glad I could have enhanced my qualifications at stays in several top Prague hotels. I took the chance to work with Andrea Accordi, the well known chef who won Michelin Star; the only one to receive this award in the Czech Republic.

Despite the fact that I mostly work with Italian cuisine ( I do not have to emphasize that I love Italy, its aromas, cheeses, wines and natural gastronomic art, which serves as an endless source of cooking inspiration) I have not forgotten traditional Slovak dishes. Foreign guests at our restaurant are frequently curious about our national cuisine. I try to bring to the dishes seasonal ingredients “according to their culmination of fame in the year,” and to get the greatest flavor out of each one. And I enjoy serving such flavor on our guests’ plates. Through their gourmet experience, which I strive to provide, I spread the news about us as a country and the people in it. I feel a great responsibility, but I enjoy it.

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